Sunday, May 20, 2007

Pause For Reflection

A couple of people have recently mentioned of late that the frequency with which I've been posting has reduced somewhat. To these people I say, "well aren't you the observent ones!"

For a couple of reasons (workload, too tired to go out, having some virus-thing for the last week or so) it's true I've not been posting much. Thus, anecdotes about dinner with that lovely couple, Mr and Mrs Path-Android; seeing both the play and the film of The History Boys, and enjoying both despite their flaws; the excellently entertaining way my Eurovision night played out at the soon-to-be-reverting-to-its-non-rock-and-roll origins Spanish Club; none of that has been recorded for posterity on this here blog.

So, you miss out on my self-indulgent ramblings, and I miss out on recording my day-to-day life, as this blog is as much my diary or journal as it is anything else. Such is life.

That said, ever since I became the Chair of Fringe a few weeks ago I've also been contemplating being a little more circumspect about what I write here, because of its potential for adversely impacting on the organisation. On the other hand I really don't like censoring myself, no matter who may or may not be reading (Hi mum! Hello Drug Squad!) my posts.

So, after due contemplation, I won't be censoring myself overtly. You can still expect occasional tales of wild nights on the tiles and casual sex with anonymous men in parks and alleyways on the rare occasions I actually get lucky. You'll also get details of the various films, performances and exhibitions that I get along to, when I find the time to post about them. On the other hand, I might not be posting as often as I used to, if the past couple of weeks is anything to go by.

Now that we've got that settled...on with the show!

Oh, and to maintain the self-indulgent trivia quotiant of the day, have I mentioned that I'm trying to grow my hair? It's at the stage now where I'm seriously tempted to grab the clippers and trim it all off again, but god dammit I intend to persevere to the point where I can actually have a hairstyle again for the first time in some eight years; even I do have to wear a hat for the entire winter while my hair grows out...


AlleyCat Runs said...

Gidday richard!

this is Kerryn, Zac & Cat, live from Exmouth WA!

We would love a picture, minus the hat, of said hair "Fenomena"!

What else would we be doing after paying a squillion bucks to spend 10 seconds with a whale shark, other than checking up on you!

Kerryn is well & we all look forward to a your fringe recommendations (& seeing hair in person!)

much love,


PS Congrats on the Fringe chair!! YAY!!!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Richard,
I'm not wishing to make your life any more busy...

Congrats on the fringe chair,
Can I ask you in this informal and public forum where the fringe now stands in regards to last years nasty politiking?

Where the fringe was telling voters to NOT vote green:
crikey report and greens response

I was just about to register a show for the fringe and feeling very reticent now after stumbling across this, and not yet coming across an official fringe resolution - certainly not on their website.

As a lurker on this blog I know you're a very decent chap who cares about important stuff, I think you will be an excellent chair and wish you all the best. May you ease my, and others, qualms about that problematic festival.

(i b anon 4 now)

richardwatts said...

Dear Anon - rather than discuss that here, please feel free to email me about this issue and I will be only to happy to discuss it further: burntime AT netspace dot net dot au. Suffice to say, in brief, that said issue will not be a problem again...